Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A few creations and Gatherings around the house~

Another little creation...this moss colored toddler coat and bonnet seemed fitting for "Sunday's Best" Tiff's ebay~ ...along with my handmade "Farmhouse Luxury" Apron below~

I just loved how this sweet Apron turned out, I call it "Farmhouse Luxury". Reminds me of an apron my Sweet Grandma Pilgrim would of worn on the farm, I can just see her making biscuits and pies in it~ My sweet daughter listed it on her ebay, not a bad keep, but would love to find a home for her :)
Much more to come!!!

Due to work, work, work....I can't get on the computer but about once a week, maybe being on dial up limits my fun stuff and time on the computer.
Slowly, but surely, I will come for a visit!!!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

One of my latest little creations {the lighting is a little bright}....a charcoal color jacket :)

Ivy in an urn on my front porch....can't have enough ivy and urn's!

My daughter, Tiffany, painted {with chalkboard paint} and trimmed out my pantry door and I hung a little cabinet door on the front of it to dress it up. The chalkboard is great to write Birthday Greetings, or Holidays Greetings on. This was my daughter in law, Tonia's birthday....also I drew a little chalk rabbit at the bottom~

This is a close up of the little rabbit I drew with chalk....thought he turned out pretty daughter added my name to it.

A few more pics below of things in my home.....

A few Alterd Art necklaces that will be at my Etsy~

A few of my Handmade flower pins~ Look pretty to wear, use as decor or even on a pillow~
I handmade this oval pillow for my daughter quite a few years ago and stitched all the little pearls on it outlinging the design~

The front of a hanging pillow I made that I added tiny pearls to and also added beads around the edge~ I made this for my daughter, Tiffany

A mirror with scriptures I wrote on it~

A gathering of pretties in my room, the pretty "Dream" glitter banner is from the Sweet Madai at Wren Cottage~

Gathering of plates in the Hallway~

Decor in one of the bathrooms~

A pretty Vintage Dress and Key in my Utility Room~